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    Coach Karlee is also a new children's fiction author. Even coaches have their own goals and dreams too! CURRENT WRITING PROJECT - Anne Hawksmoor: Time in the Tower. Find out more about Anne Hawksmoor: Time in the Tower, the current children's novel series

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    Coach Karlee (K Harry), BSc, MBA, is a coach, author, consultant and public servant. As a personal and career coach, Coach Karlee offers effective and practical tools and conversations to help you find your own solutions and achieve your life goals.

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    Toronto, ON

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  • Does One Life Matter Anymore?

    Take a look at the news any given day and it’s not difficult to acknowledge we are constantly bombarded with tragedy, sorrow and misfortune. Even without looking at the news, we face the same reality during our concurrent existence on social media and online. It’s more and more easy to become disheartened, and then desensitized [...]

  • Interview with Ilana Ben-Ari on “A Toy for Empathy” Kickstarter

    Hello friends, I learned about Ilana’s “A Toy for Empathy” Kickstarter campaign through the Centre for Social Innovation as we’re both members. Right away, I thought it would be a great product and Kickstarter campaign to share with readers. Here’s what I learned about Ilana’s campaign. Tell me about the your Kickstarter campaign. We’ve created [...]

  • Extreme Crowdfunding Bootcamp Toronto – Multiple Dates 2014

    My team and I held our first Crowdfunding preparation event – Extreme Crowdfunding Bootcamp Toronto at INcubes – on October 19-20, 2013. It was well received, along with our additional sessions. We’ve received excellent feedback, such as the comment below from several of the attendees: ~~~~ “Thank you for the awesome training at Extreme Crowdfunding [...]